Justin Burnett Has Spent His Time On Council Fighting For


  • Public Safety

  • More Jobs

  • Fair Taxes

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Get to Know Justin Burnett

Justin Burnett is a lifelong Ozarks native who was born in Springfield, Missouri. His family has owned a small business since the 1950s and he has seen them struggle in hard economic times and succeed in others, which has provided invaluable insight into the correlation between good government and a business-friendly environment. He currently serves on the Springfield City Council.

Justin’s driving goal is to provide our community with a common sense advocate in government. While entrenched politicians pursue their own agenda, he will listen to your voice.

Thomas Paine, a pivotal figure in American history, once wrote about common sense and changed the known world. It is time to revive that concept, and as your representative in government, Justin will fight to revive the time-tested principles that lead to prosperity.

Together, we can make a difference in our community to ensure a bright future for our children and grandchildren. Springfield’s best is yet to come!


Tired of Out of Touch Politicians?

“It is time for government to focus on its core responsibilities by providing efficient services and enacting business-friendly policies in an environment of integrity.”

“I will fight for the prosperity of every citizen.”

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